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Not only exercise your body at Young Sports--

Now exercise your mind too!


We will be offering small group reading services starting in fall with a maximum of six children per class to boost their reading skills by applying a researched based Reading Curriculum instructed by Terri Halpin M.S, certified Wilson Reading Instructor.


*Please feel free to contact her at

with any questions you may have


1ST SESSION (upcoming fall dates: TBD)

Tuition $210


Class #1

Pre-K & Kindergarten

Time: TBD


  • Recognition of the alphabetical order of letters A-Z

  • Letter name, keyword, and sound for the 26 letters of the alphabet (letter sound correspondence)

  • Visual connection between the letter name, it's sound, and it's grapheme (or written representation)


Class #2

1st Grade

Time: TBD


Class #3

2nd Grade

Time: TBD


  • Phonemic Awareness

  • Decoding and word study

  • Sight word recognition

  • Spelling

  • Fluency

  • Vocabulary

  • Oral Expression language development

  • Comprehension



in fall

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