5-30-20 UPDATE


As an update- we will be continuing the suspension of our operations. At this time, like other similar services in our community, we are closely monitoring and moving along with this situation as we head into the yellow phase until we can reopen. At the earliest, we are looking as the next possible date to be in July to operate a summer program in accordance to the preparation we feel would be necessary if it is deemed that we can operate our business in the community safely. The safety of our community is our top priority. We can’t express enough how supportive and understanding our community has been through this time-- we are so very grateful. As you can imagine, we, as a team, are so eager to get back 'on the court' and start creating once again the memorable moments we all enjoy in sports with your children. We are definitely ready to go when we can!


In addition, for those of you that are currently registered or are thinking about registering, we wanted to provide you with the following special terms that we have put in place for this time:


Summer Camp Update:

1. If you miss a day/week, a parent can set up another day(week) later in the summer for this missed time. 

2. If you miss a day/week, a parent can also hold a credit for the amount to be used for any future service at Young Sports thru the year.  

3. If a camp day/week is cancelled (due to a mandate or our decision for the covid-19 situation), a refund will be issued.

4. If currently registered for the camp, we are also being flexible with choosing the days at this time and extended this period further: you don't have to 'cement' your days/weeks until July 1 or if you do want to select the days/weeks at this time, we will 'pencil' them in at this time with the option/desire to change if you like by July 1. Also note, we will follow-up with you to set these dates as we may be able to extend the July 1 date for those of you who may be still be indecisive about a summer schedule at that time given the flux of the situation.


*We've put these above 4 special options in place for this summer camp as we want parents not to lose any of their tuition or time at Young Sports


Please Note: For camp operations this summer, at this time- in addition to putting in place the CDC/local guidlines for a camp operation- we are exploring the options such as smaller group sessions, a morning camp and afternoon camp session, shifting our enrollment flexibility to a 4 day/full week only choice to enroll without having the additional 1 day/2 day/3 day option to decrease the amount of people in our camp thru a week or time of day to meet a greater level of safety. When a date is determined to reopen, we will send out full details on our operations/any changes for you to consider when deciding on our camp for this summer. We appreciate your patience and understanding- Thank you



Class Session Update:

We are currently thinking about adding the next class session into our summer schedule for the first time for those of you who have contacted us for this interest, for those of you were in our session when we stopped and wish to continue, and for those of you who were supposed to be in the Spring Session currently. We will update this potential option as we get closer to July. If you have enrolled and rolling this into when classes resume is not going to work for your family then we will look to refund your class time or if you are able to, it would help us if it could be held in a credit form to be used towards any future Young Sports service 'down the road'. Obviously, we are trying our best to weather this period and land on 'two strong feet' when we return. We greatly appreciate all of the support of our amazing community-- we are so very appreciative.


If you would like to message us, please do so by email at info@young-sports.com as we have inactivated the front desk during this time.


We hope that you all continue to take great care and greatly look forward to when we resume.


The Young Sports Team

Also to mention, we will continue sending out more 'Young Sports Moments' weekly for our little athletes to check in on and enjoy! Happy Sporting!


(*you can access these 'Moments' at our platforms)

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