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Thank you for your interest in Young Sports!  


As an update-  currently we are still in suspension of our operations. At this time, our overall date to reopen all of our services is still unclear.  We are envisioning an outdoor program with our partner programs in schools and parks as a possible first step as indoor physical close contact activity -that is central to the specific nature of our inside sports services for our young ages- still warrants careful consideration to make feasible to do so safely.


Also, just want to make sure you are on our email list, if so, you will instantly receive any updated info automatically.  


We are extremely grateful of our community --your patience and support we count on-- thank you so very much!


If you would like to message us, please do so by email at as we have inactivated the front desk during this time.


We greatly look forward to when we resume.


The Young Sports Team

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