As an update- we will be continuing the suspension of our operations. Given the nature of our services/programs, we feel it is our responsibility to proceed with this direction as the safety of community is our top priority.


During this time, we will continue to examine and determine all the logistics and modifications that we may have to do to our services to ensure that we are in a position that is safe for all of us to operate.


We are extremely grateful of our community --your patience and support we count on-- thank you so very much!


Also-- a bit of good news!


We received once again 2020 Award: 'Best Sports Classes" by Main Line Today!  We are so proud and thank our community for your part in our mission-- We have maintained and built a wonderful community since 2007 and look forward, with immense excitement, to making many more special athletic moments for your children 'down the road'!


If you would like to message us, please do so by email at info@young-sports.com as we have inactivated the front desk during this time.


We hope that you all continue to take great care and greatly look forward to when we resume.


The Young Sports Team

Ongoing Enrollment

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